It was summer, or at least I thought so. I, a nine children just spent time on the walks. More specifically - I went to the river flowing just a lazy stream of tens of meters from my house. Suddenly I do not know why he wanted to go home. I look up, the sky was beginning to spin dark clouds, the wind blows harder and harder and harder. I begin to fear. What? Certainly not the wind. Fear is compounded when I look at the trees, often place children's playground. Usually slowly whispering their everlasting melody, now some restless, starting to take my previously unknown dimensions. Trees are usually thick terribly slim. Accelerates the pace, when all one after another collapse on the ground behind me. Cracks, bangs terror. I ran into the house, now there are no trees. It is clear space in front of me. I'm getting closer, even 30 meters and I get to the oasis of peace. Turn around, although I know that I should not and I see a big, bad bull rushing in my direction. It is getting closer and closer, when I reach the door, slam it and then I wake up wet.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last night I had a strange dream .I dreamed that we all look at me in class. It was horrible. I did not know why. It turned out that my clothes are very colorful. The worst thing was that I was wearing two different socks and a pink!

Ostatniej nocy miałem dziwny sen Przyśniło mi się Że wszyscy na mnie patrzą w klasie. To było straszne. Nie wiedziałem dlaczego. Okazało się Że moje ubranie jest bardzo kolorowe. Najgorsze było dla Że Miałem ubrane dwie inne skarpetki i to różowe!