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Everyone knows that's the holidays is the best time of the year.My ideal holidays I would like to spend with my family in Australia about 2 weeks or longer.I will want to fly there by airplane,becouse I'd like watch landscape from hight.I would like to live in a hotel opposite the beach.In Australia I will visit the most popular places from this continent.A few of them is my favourite.One of them is Ayers Rock,it's a really beautiful place becouse this rocks have very interesting colours.The next place which I will visit is a Great Barrier Reef.It's the bigest reef in the world.I will swim there and meet a strange and a fascinating fishes.All places which I would like to visit are very beautiful and interesting but the Fraser Island Id like the most and I will want to visit this place as well.This is the bigest sandy island in the world.I will observe the whales,dolphins which are around the island.Probably semetimes the tiger sharks swim up,so I will want to see them.Of course I will be able to meet the most famouse person from Australia.This person is a Kangaroo!!I reallz like this animal, so I cant wait to see him.If I will have a bit time then I will be able to sunbathe on the beach and I will learn how to swim on the board.Before I will get back to Poland I will want to buy some suvenirs for mz family and friends.
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