Potrzebuje pilnie opisu mojej ulubionej gwiazdy :))
Ma to zawierać jej tożsamość kiedy sie urodziłą gdzie , jakiej jest narodowości itp.
jej wygląd , Charakter , Co robi w wolnym czasie ,
I co ja w niej lubie :))

Tylko żeby to byłoo napisane na 1 gimnazjum xd

Potrzebne mi to jest na piątek !!
Tylko żeby to było po angielsku oczywiście :))
Błagam niech ktoś pomoże :))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I like cinema very much,therefore I have chosen to write a biography of my favourite actresses-Kate Winslet.
Kate Winslet is twenty three years old and was born on 5 October.She is a Libra.She has a brother,who is tree years younger than her.Kate is 160 centimeters tall and rather slim.
Kate started her television career when she danced with the "Honey Monster" in a commercial of breakfast cereal.Her firdt film was " Heavenly Creatures"(1994),where she played a young girl who helped her friend to murder her mother.It was based on a true story.In 1996 she played in "Sense and Sensibility" based on the novel by Jane Austen.It was her first big success.Everybody admired her fresh and emotional style of acting .In 1996 she played in "Hamlet" and in 1997 came her most popular film "Titanic".
In "Titanic" she co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio and it brought fame to both of them.This long and romantic love story became extremely popular with teenage girls,who went tosee the film even five or six times.It made Kate a real star.
Kate confesses that she is very emotional person.She cries a lot and she puts a lot of emotion into each of her films.Very often she feels under such pressures when she is acting that she simply must cry.Sometimes she feels lonely and far from home and the again crying is the best remedy.
In her spare time Kate plays the violin ,reads poetry and goes roller-skating.She likes cooking,too.Her favourite dish is omelette.Kate does not like water or swimming so "Titanic" was a real challenge for her.She had to deal with her fear every day.Kate says that she never wants to film near water again.
Kate is very romantic.She likes boys with long blond hair and delicate faces.She is rather an unapproachable person and it takes her a long time to get used to somebody.She believes in love until death.

Do zweryfikowania aktualny wiek Kate bo niestety nie wiem ile ma dzis lat..... ;)