Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Whose watch is this? It's Tomek.It's his
3.Whose map is this?It's Carol.It's his
4.Whose book is this? It's Gabi. It's her
4.Whose YTV badge is this? It's Greg.It's her
5.Whose videos are these?They're my parents.They're their
6.Whose sandwiches are these?They're the dancers.They're their.
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1.Whose is that watch? It is Tomek's watch.
2. Whose is that map? It is Carol's map.
3. Whose is that book? That book is Gabi.
4. Whose is that badge? That is Greg's badge.
5. Who is watching videos? My parents are watching videos.
6. Who eating a sandwiches? The dancers are eating a sandwiches.
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