W Polsce można zwiedzić średniowieczne zamki i wioski,które są
w bardzo odległych zakątkach Polski.
Zapraszam do zwiedzania.
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imtresting CITIES

The second large urban agglomerations in the region is the boat, the second in terms of population city in Poland. Before the war it was one of the most important centers of commerce in the country, and 50% of the population were Germans and Jews - the wealthy families of merchants and industrialists. Remaining after these historic palace-factory, as well as Piotrkowska Street, considered to be the longest shopping street in Europe

Its symbol was built in the 50th Palace of Culture and Science - great Judaica building. In recent years like mushrooms grow modern glass skyscrapers. But it can still be found in the capital of the beautiful, restored palaces and churches. Warsaw's Old Town
- Colorful houses, ramparts and Royal Castle

Podsudeckim on the route of Nyssa to Klodzko, near the border with the Czech Republic is situated a little town - Paczków. The old town, also called "Polish Carcassonne", is the seat of the municipality situated in the south - western part of the Opole Province. It occupies an area of 79.69 km2 and is inhabited by nearly 14 300 people

Most popular among the tourists is the capital of the region, Poznan. Boasts a beautiful old town and numerous monuments, among which stands the town hall, mere pretender to the title of most beautiful secular buildings of the Renaissance in central Europe

As Christmas is called "the pearl of Mazur. There is Hawaii's most lively marina. With colorful ponadkilometrowej kei moor yachts and motor boats, pleasure boats take tourists on cruises on the nearby lakes. There is a famous village Sailing with many taverns. Summer there are numerous events, such as Sailor Song Festival - "Shanties in Mikołajki 'and many prestigious regattas