I woke up at seven o'clock. I had big brekfest. I watched TV after brekfest. About 10 o'clock I went to Jobcenter becouse I'm looking for job. I looking for job about three month. It is not eazy to find job. About 2 o'clock I had metting with my best friend. We had together lunch. Then we went to soppin center. We had great time. About 6 o'clock I made diner for my boyfriend. I made fish and chips. He was very happy about that. Now I'm writting my homework.


i woke up at six o'clock. i eating first brekfast watching tv and wearning. About seven o'clock i take a bus because i must driving to school.
about twelte i eating two brekfast. i have seven lesson. after i driving to home. i pitting my homework and meeting with my friends. i eating dinner watching tv and sleeping
I stand up at six o 'clock .
I have breakfast.
I'm go to the bus at the seven o ' clock .
I'm study in school.
I'm come back from the school at the three o ' clock
I have dinner.
I'm watch TV.
I do my homework at five o' clock
I play tennis
I have supper at seven o 'clock
I go to bed .

nie wiem czy nie ma błędó ale mam nadzieje ze pomogłam ;D
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I get up at six o'clock. I get a shower and I have a breakfast. Then I go to school and i was here to three p.m. About four p.m. I go to learn and I eat lunch. Next I go t I watching TV and play computer games. Near I play football with friends. Afther two hours I come back to house, I eat supper. I Finally I wash and go to bed.
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