Protect- someone or something safe
rainforrest- a forest in a tropical region of the world where it rains a lot
rapids- where the water moves extremaly quickly over rocks
record ( noun )- 1. information that is kept about something that has happened. 2. the things that someone has done that give an idea of what they are like. 3. the best achievement so far in a particular activity. 4. a large circular black pice of plastic containing music or other sounds.
record (verb )- 1. to make a record of something that has happened, usually by writing it down. 2. to put sounds or images onto a cassette, cd, or video. 3. if a pice of equipment records an amount, it measures it and shows.
researcher- to make a detailed study of something in order to discover new facts
unlike- 1. different from someone or something else. 2. not tipical of particular person or things
wildfife(?) chyba wildlife- animals, birds, and plants that live in natural conditions