Mam do napisania e-mail do mojego kolegi, kolezanki po angielsku w ktorym opowiem o moim pobycie w jakimś kraju w tym emailu mam odpowiedziec na pytania:
1. z jakiego kraju pisze?|
2. co mysle o tym kraju?
3. gdzie bylam i co robilam przez ostatnie kilka dni
4. Czy te doświadczenia co przeżyłam byly dobre?
5. Gdzie będziemy nocować?
6.Gdzie i jakim transportem będziemy podróżować?
na podstawie tego tekstu:

Hi Andy
I'm writing this email from Canada . The weather is really cold at the moment but I really like it here because the people are friendly. We're driving around the country and we're stopping in different places.

We've just arrived here in Vancouver. In the last few days we've driven throught beautiful forests and we've seen some fantastic lakes. So far I've really enjoyed the food and we haven't had any bad experiences.

Tonight we've staying in a small counsaide near the city of Vancouver. Tomorrow we're going to leave the car here and we're going to travel by train through the Rocky Mountains. It should be fun.

I hope you're well, Andy. I'll write again soon.


z góry dzięki :*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Hi, im writing from Poland.
2. I think, Poland is the best country in the universe, because the people here are friendly and kind for other polish citizens.
3. I was in Krakow lately, one of the eldest and the most beautyful city in whole Poland. I was sideseeing- Old Town, Sukiennice and Wawel Dragon. I really enjoyed that trip, it's very educating.
4. I've had great time out there in Krakow, it was nothing more than full-time joy.
5. We've stayed in a beautiful old Hotel named Baron, near to the Old Town- the center of Krakow
6. We travelled alot, mostly by the Trams or Buses, we've borrowed a car to travel over the Krakow.