Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The first comics weren't about superheroes.
2. I studied English last night and then I had a shower before bed.
3. I read a lot of comics when i was young.
4. We didn't to be until twelve o'clock so ge got up late.
5. I hated cartoons until I watched The Simpsons.
6. They flew to Irleand last year and went to Dublin.
7. I didn't liked horror when I was young. I thought they were very scary.

Zad. 4
1. I didn't buy a CD last weekend.
2. I did my homework yesterday.
3. My mum had breakfast this morning.
4. I drank milk yesterday.
5. We went on holiday last summer.
6. I slept at a friend's house last night.
7. Mu mum and dad got up at six o'clock yesterday.