In each sentence there is a mistake with 'make / let / be allowed to' or modal verbs. Underline the mistake and write the correct sentence. Trzeba znaleźć błedy i poprawić.

You isn't allowed to come in without sking.

We wanted to go out, but our parents didn't make us.

Sorry, madam - you can't to park your car here.

The teacher let us to leave early yesterday.

I was made wear a uniform.

I'm not deaf - you have to schout!

This a no-smoking area - you can smoke in here.

We're late - we musn't hurry up!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
U aren't allowed to come in without skiing
we wanted to go out but our parent didnt let us
-II- you cant park ur car here
-II- to left earlier yesterday
-II- u cant smoke here
we must hurry up