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Marvel Comics has a vast background in terms of portability on the screen adventures of another hero. After a good "X-Menachem," "Spider-Man" and weak "Fantastic Four" and "Ghost Riderze" might have been wondering what form now slated for release. The choice fell on Iron Man and it was a bull's eye.

American comic book market is full of various types of protagonists. From solo hiding his identity, and the more daring or group of heroes. The question arises, why is Iron Man? The answer is simple, a chance to show the adventures of a little entertainment, a loose form, while retaining the essential elements of the comic. Authors managed to avoid the "Fantastic Four", where he married a whole candy, and the acting left much to be desired.

"Iron Man" is a great alternative for viewers tired already perypetiami Spider-Man, the third part in the fans provoked mixed feelings. Mannered playboy Tony Stark, owner of the firm mainly produces weapons, is trying to convince customers to its latest lethal toys. As usually happens in such cases, something goes wrong, and the hero ends up in the hands of terrorists. To escape from captivity must use his uncommon ability of designing and building the work life.

Jon Favreau light-hearted shows the genesis of form, it does so with a considerable sense. He managed to perfectly balance the action scenes, which are not all so much throughout the film, on the other hand show the game and lifestyle changes which have taken place in the main hero. Stark initially only interested in customers and sales of arms. When she meets on her own skin destructive power, and also aware of the risks posed by, used by the unsuitable person decides to change the existing policies of the company. This solution looks unfavorable guidance of his partner - Obadiah Stane.

Of course, the film does not find nothing new, of regulation which is guided by the director are probably all familiar. Do not change the fact that "Iron Man" looks very good, the screen does not blow boredom, and comic book fans can catch every moment a relish for themselves. Favreau is set to a large extent on the mood, touching story of a large number of comic situations, which, apart from shares constitute the essence of the image. At the same time, not overdone with special effects that are visible, but not przyćmiewają acting.

"Iron Man" is without a doubt a wonderful creation of Robert Downey Jr.., A fantastically recreated the character Tony Stark. The whole time holding a high level, its role electrifies the audience, no matter when, whether at an ordinary action or dialogue, is always able b ³ yszczeæ wit, sarcasm, or simply look nice on the screen. And most importantly - very much like comic Stark. Antagonist hero - Obadiah Stane (played by a good Jeff Bridges), also went off well, and his accent with which he played is simply amazing.

On the second plan, we have Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark's assistant, the role played correctly, but no revelations. Throughout the film can be seen joining the chemistry of the two characters and their relationships should be considered a strong element of the story. The last of the main characters are James Rhodes, to help Stark, played by Terrence Howard. The role of very large, but what you see in the film, opening possibilities for a sequel. (appearance of War Machine). A big plus for developers that are not afraid to exploit the opportunities offered by the richness of the universe, and Marvel joined the film agency SHIELD

Film director, Jon Favreau could have seen the "Daredevilu" so in "Iron Manie" cast himself in a small, though visible roll. Moreover, it could not fail to Stan Lee, appearing successively in the form of ekranizacjach adventures, which he created in the pages of comic books.

Picture film season begins in America. I think that should satisfy fans of Iron Man and more. Production of Marvel Studios, is a neatly executed video entertainment, and thus should receive it as a movie in full writing the Performing Arts is flawless. It should be the final captions and look at a scene that suggests not only continue, but also about a group of superheroes. Why? See for yourself by selecting the "Iron Man".
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