Wybierasz się na wakacje do Anglii chciałbyś zatrzymać się na parę dni u znajomej koleżanki z Anglii. napisz list z zapytaniem czy jest to możliwe.
-opisz krótko swoje plany wakacyjne
-przedstaw swoja prośbę
-podaj na jak długo chciałbyś się u niej zatrzymać
-wyraź nadzieje na jej rewizytę w Polsce
120 SLOW



Dear Anna!
This year for holidays I am going to England. With the husband and children we want to visit world. However we not have a clue how to get down to it. We want to tour much but we don't know the tongue and the city too much. As well we don't have where to stop. And it is hard to rent something in a foreign country. I know that you live alone and you have the quite big flat, therefore we have the huge request to you. Could we stay at you for two weeks? I know, that it quite long. But at least you will have the company - laughter. I promise that we won't inconvenience much. And of course you can count on the revenge. If you would want at one time to come to Poland we are inviting to accommodation to us.
I am greeting and I am waiting for the response, Asia.