Wypracowanie ma mieć formę emaila , w którym mam napisać o przygodach które spotkały mnie w podróży.Wypracowanie na poziomie gimnazjum!
Taki jest schemat:
I'm writing...
We've just arrived
Tonight we're
Pomocy potrzebuje na teraz. !!:D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Kate!
I'm writing this email from France. The weather is very beautiful and sunny. Many people were having a sense of humour. When the weather is hot and sunny I'm playing volleyball on the beach with my friends. We're driving around the France too. We're staying in a different palces. In the last few days we've ridden by bus in nice city: Paris and we've seen Tour Eiffel, Cathedral Notre Dame, Basilica Sacre Coeur and the Hill of Montmartre. So far, I have really anjoyed the food and drinks. Tonight we're staying in a hotel near the Paris.Tomorrow we're going to leave the car here and we're going to travel by bus through France. It should be fun. I hope you're well, Kate. I'll write again soon. Bye ! I send warm greetings !