Think of a dramatic moment in sport that you experienced or saw. Prepare to talk about it using the following questions.

*What was the event?
*Who took part in it?
*What was the situation at first?
*What happened then?
*How did it end?
*How did you(or the player) feel?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Not so long time ago I saw a dranatic event in sport discipline called skijumping.
- The famous skijumper who took a part in in was Adam Małysz.
- Adam was sitting on a bench ready to do his jump, but than the arbiter to live the banch because of a bad atmospheric conditions.
- Unfortunately, the incident repeated three times in the row. Małysz was very unhappy with that situation, because it was really disturbing to him and he couldn't concentrate on a jump.
- Finally, they allowed him to jump, but because of the arbiters disturbance he gave a bad jump. He had a chance to bit Simon Amman and get a gold medal.
- Adam felt very bad because of that fact. He was angry that the arbiter didn't allowed him to jump when the weather conditions were in norm. Małysz knew that he was close to win the competition and felt that they disturbed him on purpose.
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