Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Moda w latach 80:

This is probably nothing new, that everything is back in fashion. Even what seems to us sometimes original, has probably ever had. If not ten, perhaps twenty or thirty years ago. It is now fashionable to mix the 60s and 70 with little admixture of the 40s, dominated by the elegant gowns, long gloves, and convenience coupled with beauty (this example is to be perfectly tailored underwear made of wool and eyes; pockets, guziczkami and zaszywkami). Not a declining trend, however, since almost one year is the love of fashion from the 80s Fortunately, it appears in the second revised edition.

Moda dzisiaj:

Returned to favor not only Leggings, longer version of the delicate, cotton, or lace (in no case lights!), Very similar to tights in ornamental patterns, but also as sneakers a la ballerina, was jewelry (which includes willingly strips with high buckle, which is the invention of the period), or patterns such as peas or black-and-white stripes. Even the intense colors and shades match their strengths, but all in good company. If all dress up in brilliantly, just as 80 years dictated, at least we will look ridiculous (not to say grotesque). However, when the black trouser we select a silver tube, and a glittering bag or strap, and top with shiny printed our clothes can safely be regarded as a sign of good taste. And so well dressed celebrities from the world of fashion and even Kate Moss.

Liczę na naj :)
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Fashion in the 80s was very original. People dressed in coats, hats and strange clothing in various kolorach.Buty were only high heels or flat when it comes to men. It was very difficult to buy something like sneakers.
But today, clothes are very stylish and suitable for any chwilę.Jest a lot of styles of clothing. We have a lot of designs and colors are properly aligned. In the 80's style rock and has been very mixed. Bling if it were terribly crew cut hair, or bald head half. Half of the hair used to today. But no one doubts that that this fashion will come back even once

Mam nadzieję że pomogłam ;)