Cartoon animals in the jungle tend to be anthropomorphic and hip; Madagascar sports amiably with convention by having animals bred in the New York City zoo transported to Africa and left to fend for themselves.
Chris Rock voices a zebra; Ben Stiller is a lion; Jada Pinkett Smith is a hippo and David Schwimmer is a hypochondriac giraffe. It isn't just patriotism, though, that compels me to report that the film is completely stolen by Sacha Baron Cohen (the inventor of Ali G) who brilliantly voices the local lemur King Julien; the voice is a sort of dancehall version of Peter Sellers in The Millionairess. (He isn't just UK talent dubbed in for the local release, either; Baron Cohen is in the original cast, billed above Cedric the Entertainer.) He can't, however, save the film on his own.
Madagascar is certainly suitable as family entertainment for four-year-olds and above, with some movie in-jokes to amuse the grown-ups. But I found it unsatisfyingly thin stuff with a dull ending, lacking the impact of Shrek or The Incredibles.
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This film was amazing! Actors played really convincing, costumes were pretty nice, too. Special effects were suprising. The plot was beautiful- it was no happy ending so if you go to the cinema on this film, take the handkerchiefs! I don't regret that I have seen this beautiful film.