I like to watch football matches,
I love to watch handball,
I like to watch sports basket,
I really like to see Polish tennis players
I like to watch the Olympic Games with Justyna Kowalczyk

On holidays I like to play sports and run. This is particularly football, in which I play for hours. Condition of the trains in the morning by getting up and running so-called skipingu.
- I like watching tv sport. Usually I watch volleyball. It' amazing game and competitors are very handsom. I like watching it with my brother. We always support a team (kibicujemy) Poland!
- When I have holiday I like leaving to sea. I love swimming in salt water and sunbathing. Sometimes I meet my friends. We play football and go for walk. Everyday I eat ice cream and read books. Sometimes I go for shopping with my sister. We spend all day in the city.