Muszę napisać wyprawcowanie w języku angielskim na temat ekstremalnych sportów. tematy mam 2
1. extreme sport-I`ve never tried but I`d like to...
2.I hate extreme sport...
Proszę o pomoc; * . z góry dziękuje.
obojętnie który proszęę;]



Extreme Sports
I' ve never tried, but I really like to. I think extreme sports are fascinating. I like to try skydiving - that is amazing. Some times I image how people, who do, this feel. It' s like floating on a big cuschion of moving air, like the air you feel when you put your hand out of a car window, but much faster.I will love to try it. That will be so cool. When I'll try, I'll never stop. I supossed that I'll be the most famous skydriver in the world. That is my dream. I going to win skydiving world championschip. I planning a jump - wchich nobodey has done befor - from the adge of space! If I'll do this I will be famous and reach! I'll love to try skydyvind! Extreme sports are amazing!!!