1.wybierz wlasciwy przedimek:

2.The/-Channel islands are nearer to the/-France than to the/-UK
3. i went to the/- new york in the/-USA last year.
4.The/-River Niles goes from the/-America to the/-Mediterranean Sea.
5.The/- Atacama Desert in the/-South America is drier then the/- Sahara Desert.

2 zadanie :Uzupelnij zdania czasownikami w nawiasach present perfect simple :

przyklad: mr tomkins HAS WRITTEN(write) four books.

1. I ______ (make) a film about my school.
2. Sam ____ (ride) on an elephant and a camel.
3. Our teacher______ (do) lost of exciting things.
4.where's my bag ? It_____ (go) !
5.mickey _____(see) this film and he says it's good.
6.Jacks loves burgers.He_____ (eat) fast food in 30 different countries !
7. my dad _____(swim) in fours oceans.



2. I have made...
Sam has ridden
Our teacher has done
It has gone
Mickey has seen
He has eaten
My dad has swum
6 2 6