Napisz wypracowanie na temat wybranego sportu:
Paragraph 1
When and how did you become interested in the sport?

Paragraph 2
What equipment and clothes do you need?
What are the basic rules? What do you have to do and can't you do?

Paragraph 3
How often do you play? Where? Who with?
Do you watch the sport on TV or go to watch it?
Why do you like it?

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Interest in the sport can be a sport where like area.
Some even have an innate ability, for example, run fast and are very gymnastic.
To be able to begin to swim, for example, swimming pool, you must have cap, swimsuit or trunks.
It is also worthwhile to invest in the fold, that protect against fungal feet.
Many people use a "fins" to swim faster.
This is a very nice feeling!

You can not fool in the pool, because you can drown.
Should not swim quickly and without interruption, you can easily get tired, and at the same time, there are loss of consciousness, loss of control over the body.
You must do at least 2-minute break after about 8 pools.
You can not dive under the water too long, for example, to prove to colleagues that hold out any longer.
You can choke.
You never know, then, do we have a chance to survive.

I swim once a week at the swimming pool AWF Poznan. Attend there with my friend Amanda.
Yes, often watch sports on television. I like swimming and volleyball for men and women.
I like swimming because I believe that you can relax at the same time and simultaneously burn unnecessary calories.

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