1.What colours are there on the flag of New Zeland?
2.What are two offical languages?
3.What is the currency of New Zeland?
4.What is 'a haka'?
5.What bird is the national symbol of New Zeland?
6Which famous film was made in New Zeland?

Oczywiście odpowiedzi w języku angielskim.
Bardzo proszę o pomoc;)



1.there are 3 colours red, blue and white
2. Ennglish and Maori
3. dollar
5.kiwi, parrots kea and kakapo
1 . blue, red, white
2 . English, Maori
3 . New Zealand Dollar
4 . Aggregate name of ritual, presentation of traditional dance and vocal performance in the Pacific region, particularly in New Zealand by the Maori.
5 . kiwi bird
6 . lord of the rings [ chyba ]