Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One nightmarish evening, the doctor did Smool as usual in his laboratorizeum, experiments on animals. Them there were hundreds if not thousands.
The laboratory was located in a large hall on the outskirts of London. Doctor Smool experiment was started with an owl. This is terribly cast in a cage. At one point fell to the ground with a mixture of bottle, which was to be given sowie. The doctor bent down to her under the table top. But when he got up he saw something incredible. Hall was completely empty. And instead of the cage lay a small card that says,, turn around. "Smool uncertain gesture, his legs turned mdlejących. Standing behind him all the spirits of animals who killed and one of the greatest. It was his previous partner, whom he killed in self-interest. He just walked on his page ... when suddenly ....
Doctor woke up. It turned out that it was only a dream.
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