Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Write the text down in tłumaczeniaNiedawno during the lesson of Polish I had the pleasure to watch the film Fri.: „ Christmas Eve Story ”. Clive Donner directed him on the basis of Karol's novel Dickens ’ and, carrying the same title. The film is telling about the rich, mean E old man. Scrooge ’ ooh, which is changing for the better under the influence of spirits visiting him into the Christmas. Also Short Tim is an important figure – son of the Ebenezera employee. He is very ill, straight out dying. Scrooge, when changed, very much assisted families in need of the boy. He funded for him curing. The action is held on suburb of London, where straight out smells of holidays what iI think, that script, written by Rogera in O. Hirsona, faithfully contents are conveying books. It is great virtue, since the film causes the impression more real. Superbly a mood is also giving the musician back, and adding wonderful costumes and the film set still to it, I must admit, that that's all is admirable. Unfortunately I state that special effects were weak. The film was curly in times, when technology wasn't still developed as this way as today. Sądze, that George C. Scott – the E lead. Scrooge ’ and – well reflected the form played by oneself. Also Anthony Walters – film Small Tim – great played a role. Unfortunately some actors, like e.g. Bob performer ’ ah, were too artificial. I like the directorial vision of the film. The effect of joining all his elements was excellent. Film Fri.: „ Christmas Eve Story ” very much I like him. I am encouraging examining him! Really it is worthwhile!