Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

The action of the comedy is starting when the final year of secondary school of the Scott`a Thomasa main characters and Cooper`a of Harris are finishing the senior year. Scotty is in love then with Fionie, with which he is going to spend two entire months of holidays.
However Fiona right after finishing the school year is breaking up with the poor man. Scotty is desperate, he cannot find the meaning of the life. He is focusing but on writing they decked with the by mail friend in order to improve German language.
Suddenly it turns out that a girl- is a letter Scottiego friend Mike. Great nailing together is starting from Scott`a while he alone is starting understanding that the very Mieke is his second-half.
From hundreds sent to the message they know about themselves almost everything. Scott is trying to write the e-mail with the apology and to invite the girl to States, however everything is without success – earlier she blocked its address.
When it agreed to the true sex, our main character is deciding to leave for Berlin in order personally to apologise to Mieke.