Twilight, a romantic and touching film based on a book by stephanie
Meyer 'is great production from 2008' (to jest w zdaniu za daleko od tego ze mowisz o filmie...touching film produced in 2008).
The tale begins with a 'moving' (nie rozumiem uzycia tego slowa tutaj) young and sensitive girl named Bella, 'who is' (niepotr) played by Kristen Stuart with her father 'to' (dlaczego 'to' a nie IN?) a rainy town in 'a' (po co to?)
Washington. In her new high school THE girl acquireS many friends who
introduce her inTO 'a' THE local life.
Soon, she 'has met' MEETS a handsome, but quite withdrawn and mysterious young
boy, Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson WHO IS distinctive BY his pale complexion WHICH puzzleS Bella at first sight.
Especially when he saved her life..throughout stopping the accelerated car....Tego zdania to nawet nie rozumiem.
Soon she 'got' GETS to know about his secret..
At first, the plot is really fascinating and even SOMETIMES 'dramatically' DRAMATIC.
'Althought' (ortog) some people are against THE delight of 'the' (niepotr) AN ordinary love story, Twilight was really valued by many critics and the film was a block-buster. Moreover, the 'star's' (ale czy tu mowisz o jednym czy o wiecej stars?) 'play' ACTING was definitely excellent and THE young actors do not let down THEIR viewers.
Certainly, appreciation requireS a wonderful soundtrack, which added to
THE UNIQUE atmosphere of the story. 'story unique atmosphere' (Niepotr).
The film without a doubt drawS (zapominasz o 3os.l.poj) not only teenagers attention, though 'exactly' (niepotr) this group of people are the most interested in this film.
It is brilliant story for sensitive people, who wanT TO forget about THE surrounding 'world' (lepsze slowo environment)for a while.