Prosze przeksztalcic ze strony czynnej na bierna zachowywajac ten sam czas:

1.Sue cleans the living room every day.

2.people plant a lot of trees in the park

3.the police stopped terry at the bus stop

4.the wind destroyed many houses in the village

5.the people have sent a latter to the UN

6.the mud has polluted the clean rivers father will paint the kitchen next week

8.Mr. Scoot will sell an old car next friday



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The living room is cleaned by Sue every day.
2.A lot of trees are planted in the park.
3.Terry was stopped by the police at the bus stop.
4. Many houses were destroyed by the wind in the village.
5. A letter has been sent to the UN.
6. The clean rivers has been polluted by the mud.
7. The kitchen will be painted by my father next week.
8. An old car will be sold by Mr. Scoot next Friday.