Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My t-Shirt is darker than yours.
Driving a car is harder than riding a bike.
Lisa is smarter than Tom.
Jack's jacket is more expensive than mine.
Tom's is lazier than me.
Im faster than Ania.
Ania is older than me.
Krzysztof isn't taller than me.
My mum is younger than my dad.
Jerry has brighter hairs than me.

She is the smallest person in the school
He is the smartest person in the class.
These trainers are the most expensive boots in this shop!
My tracksuit has the best label.
My mum was the best volleyball player in her class.
My dad was the worst at Maths.
My t-shirt is the most expensive thing in my wardrobe.
My rug is the smallest thing in my room.
Im the best at English in my class.
My brother has the newest mobile.

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