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Burdż Chalifa, name applied before opening: Burdż Dubai – tower block in Dubai in united Arabic Emirates, Constructions Samsung built by companies, BESIX and Arabtec. Construction, begun on 21 September 2004, closed with 16 August 2009. The height of the building is 828 metres and she was achieved on 17 January 2009. The building has 169 functional floors. The total number of the storey is taking out 206. Official opening the building took place on 4 January 2010, and building costs are 1.5 billion of dollars. At first Burdż Chalifa was supposed to have the height of about 560 metres and he used the project unbuilt never of Grollo Tower tower in Melbourne in Australia. Soon then Skidmore company, Owings and Merrill granted the current shape and the appearance the building, raising his height to 650, and then up to 705 metres. Chief architect, however Smith Adrian acknowledged that upper parties weren't longing for the building appropriately and he decided still more to increase the height of the structure in order to send for tower block more slender appearance. Top batches of the building, from floor 154 up are built only on the light steel structure, instead of the reinforced concrete skeleton, as lower floors. Investor, Emaar company, she thought that in this way the top of the tower will be able to be even higher in order to beat possible competitors up to the title of the highest building of world, however when the structure stayed finished, it isn't already possible.
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