Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Those taking a vow shall be independent of age as young couples. Usually accompanied by a wedding banquet wedding follows soon after. Conclusion is accompanied by various types of wedding customs, which vary depending on the cultural circle, from which stem spouses.

Currently the Polish tradition there are new habits, such as wedding gift list, tuning car dowożącego few young people to church or registry office, photo session a couple a wedding ceremony in this order:

* Welcome young couples with bread and salt
* Drink a light champagne and glasses breaking fortunately
* Cleaning of broken glass as a symbolic entry into a home conjugal duties
* Kissing in public, accompanied by shouts of Reviews bitterly, bitterly before eating lunch (often after dinner)
* Start the adoption of the first toastami the health or welfare of the young couples
* Cutting wedding cake by a young couple

Recently appeared in the habit of arranging weddings or without alcohol.

Popular is also create their own wedding parties with information and pictures for wedding guests, family and friends.