Napisz trzy dialogi po angielsku na przykładzie poniższego dialogu

A:Have you ever been to a theme park?
B:Yes ,I have.I`ve been to Disneyland Paris.
A:When did you go?
B:I went last summer.
A:What was it like?
B:It was exciting/fun/horrible/boring/expensive.

B:Have you ever flown in a helicopter?
A:No,I haven`t but I`d like to./No,I haven`t and I don`t want to!

dam naj odp proszę zróbcie dobrze bo to na ocene



A:Did you ever been in Paris?
B:Yes,I did.It was great time.
A:What did you seen there?
B:I seen Eiffel Tower, and I been in Disneyland.
A:So you had fantastic moment, I think.
B:Yes, I love this city.
A:Is that travel was expensive?
B:Oh, we spend a lot of many.But I was really happy, becouse I was there.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A:Have you ever been to Russia?
b:Yes, I have. I have been to Moscow.
a:when did you go?
b:Two years ago.
a:What was it like?
b:It was boring/exciting/terrible.

a:Have you ever rode a motorbike?
b:Yes, i have. I've rode a honda cbf.
a:when did you ride?
b:I rode it in jenuary.
a:what was it like.
b:it was fun/scering/exciting.

a:Have you ever been in Cracow?
b:Yes, i have.
a:when did you go?
b:Last week.
a:What was it like?
b:It was boring/exciting/fascinating/expensive.