Napisz straszną historyjkę (np. byłem i zobaczyłem światło okazało sie że to dziadek...) (60-80 słów).

Musi zawierać:

Paragraf 1:
-kiedy i gdzie się to wszystko wydarzyło
-czy były ze mną inne osoby

Paragraf 2:
-Co się w tedy wydarzyło

Paragraf 3:
-jak się skończyła
-jak się w tedy czułem

Pasowało by tak do 18.00 :D
daje naj !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last October , when I was in the West country , I looked in an old giude book and decided to visit a beautiful old country huse called Compton Hall , dating back to the sixteenth century . I arrived at the house guide late in the day and parked the car, I noticed that there weren't any other cars in the car park , but that didn't seem strange because it was late in the season. As I walked towards the house , the front door suddenly opeden and a young girl of about eighteen appeared. 'Welcome to Compton Hall,' she called. I' m Clarissa Compton . Let me show you the house.' She showed me all the rooms in the house and explained its history. When we finished the tour, I photographed her in front of the door. Here. Have this! It's a present for you. She slipped a small pacet into my backpack and disappeared into the house. I returned to my car and unwrapped the packet. Inside there was a small painting of the huse. It was all very strange . In the evening I checked in at a local hotel. Did you enjoy your day ?.' - the receptionist asked . - Yes, I did. Very much .' I relied . I visited Compton Hall and Clarissa Campton showed me the whole place. The young man looked puzzled. '-Compton Hall, sir ? No , not Compton Hall. The old house burned to the ground five years ago.' Last week I collected my photographs from the photo shop. When I looked at the photograph of Clarissa there was just a gray mist .

Drobne literówki musisz poprawić :))
A i proszę o naj ;- **