On Monday I usually eat my favourite tomato soup.
On Tuesday I like to eat pan cakes with whiped cream and strawberries.
On Wednesday my mother makes pork chops with mashed potatoes and cole slaw.
On Thursday I have some chicken soup with noodles.
On Friday I like to eat pizza or french fries.
On Saturday I eat with my family chicken coutlet with rice and vegetables.
On Sunday I likev to eat dumplings stuffed with cabbage.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On Monday I sometimes eat cornflakes on breakfast,onion soup and potatos on lunch and vegetables on dinner.
On Tuesday I usually eat sandwich with cheese and salat on breakfast,on lunch noodles with meat,cauliflower on dinner
On Wednesday I eat junk food-cola and hamburgers.
On Thursday I eat on breakfast pears and cornflakes,on lunch broccoli with sauce on dinner I eat lentils
On Friday I eat on breakfast salat with potato and broccoli,on lunch fish,on dinner french fries
On Saturday I eat cornflakes on breakfast,tomato soup on lunch and salat on dinner
On Susnday I eat sandwiches on brekafast,grilled chicken on lunch and pizza on dinner
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