A fortified town existed in the place in which today lock as famous as long and wide Poland is standing, in the early Middle Ages about the timber structure and stone-earth embankments. The history of the built stronghold is starting at the turn of the XIII and XIV age, most probably thanks to the king of the Czech II Wacława, although voices aren't missing, that for her also one of Świdnica-Jawor princes could be a founder, recruited fragment trying in this way to strengthen of upper Lusatia. In 1306 Johann von Birbestein was a lessee or an owner of the castle, alleged royal district administrator, however already in 1315 the building went through into having the recalled higher prince's family, when one of her representatives Henryk and Jawor married the daughter of II Wacław with Agnieszka what apart from fresh married Agniecha's charms gave him the power over local goods won over in this way.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There is an old castle in Malbork. This is one of the largest
surviving groups of Gothic architecture in the world. The
original name of the castle used by the Teutonic Knights
sounded Marienburg, a castle of Mary. Malbork Castle
was the seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights,
a monastic state capital city.