I really like a Marcin, I think that ths is love.
My brother was on a party yesterday, and he was a drunk.
I watched my favourite film yesterday and I was in shocked.
Today a have a birthday and my famillie bought to me a new mobile phone- this was a hugh surpise to me.
1.I love my girl.
2.Drunk is sitting by my shop
3.She is socked after crashed
4.My mum is cheerful
5.Im exhausted after football training.
6.Im surprised when my dad bought me new computer.
7.My brother is angry when i get his toy
8.He is frightend when he go to forest
9.She is miserable because her mum dead.
10.They were confused after spent playing
11.My mum was nervous when i tell she about my bad marks at school.
12.She was excited in circuis.
13.I live in Paris.

Myśle ze pomogłem :))
I love doing sport.
I drunk freash juice.
I was schocked when I saw a ghost.
She is a very cheerful girl.
I feel so exhausted.
Sue was suprised when we organised her party.
My dad is very often angry at me.
My little sister was firghtened when she saw a lion in the zoo
He looks so miserable.
I feel confused when I'm talking to Englishman.
John is as nervous as my dad.
I'm so excited because of my birthday party