I love healthy style of living !!! It gives me so much fun and energy to do whatever I want to do. I love doing sport such as basketball and volleyball. Also, I eat low-calorie food and I drink a fresh juice. It's good when people care about themselves, because keeping fit is very important.
Every morning I try to practice the various exercises. I try to eat mostly vegetables and fruits. It sits for hours at the computer or TV, and for that I try to be active. Often I go to the gym to improve fitness. Every Saturday I go out with friends on the tennis court and a practice game
Every day I get up at seven o'clock. I looking at oneself in the mirror. I dress on tracksuit and I go to run. I run one hour. Next I replace clothes and I go to eat breakfast. On breakfast I eat apple, yoghurt and green tea. Next I go to school. In school I eat second breakfast (orange or cherry). After school I eat lunch (chicken, tomato, potato + orange juice). Next I do homework. Next I listen to music. Next I run. Next I eat dinner (carots) and I wash up. I go to sleep.

Trochę więcej, ale myślę, że i tak dobrze. :] Pozdrawiam