Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Some people think that it’s a difficult job, because we have to remember a lot of names, entries etc.
But in fact it could be different.
There're some arguments in favour of working as a doctor.
We know a lot of medicines, treatment means, which can be usefull to help another people. We also can meet a lot of people in hospital - it's really sociable and interesting work. It is also a responsible job, because doctor can kill their patient by mistake.
In addition, doctors are rarely out of work, because people need their help all the time to treat sicks or injures.
In addition, it can be depressing as they often see people suffering. Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult job. For example,when in some situations we must say someone that he's got only two months of life.
To conclude, it’s a very difficult job. For someone it is pouncing on deep water. Even it is a very difficult and responsible job, it is so rewarding, when we treat somebody and give him another chance to live.