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Part! plish Hoxha to school and wants to tell you about it at my school all teachers are evaluated evenly wybranyh not promote students. the korytarzah is quietly, no one in my school runs silent aggression and violence in it I have many friends and very znajomyh Hodzic I like it and learn it you terz to invite Come and zapsz August kiey hcesz! part!
Lessons start at 8 am. Each has its own cabinet, where they can hide jacket. We do not need to wear uniforms, everyone dresses like he wants. Classes usually end by 14 pm. The teachers are nice, but demanding. Eat lunch on a long break in the canteen. At intervals the forest is broadcasting music. Our library is very modern, it is a lot of books and computers. Such as trips to the cinema, theater and abroad. We can not talk or use the classroom phone. we have a large gym, which often take place in various competitions. I think that our school would interest you. The atmosphere is pleasant and a gentleman.