Czy moglibyście sprawdzić (wskazać błędy ) w tym dialogu po angielsku :
O:Hi !
A:Hi !
O:What*s up ? You look worried.
A: I lost my favorite earrings
O: Certainly be found
O: What are you doing at the weekend?
A: I*m bored,
O:Cool! What about going to the cirrus?
A: I like fun but when ?
O:On Sunday AT 17:oo pm.
A:Oh no ! I go to my grandmother on the name.
O:I know. Look at this website. Opened a new center. Can go there.
A: I gotta buy a new dress for a wedding aunt.
O:Great ! Centre opens at 9:oo pm and closes at 20:oo. Let*s meet at cafe near my house.
A: I prefer near post Office.
A: I must go now. Bye !
O: Ok, bye. See you. ;)

damm naj . !



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