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Green Day
Green Day was formed in California in 1989. The orginal mambers were Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar and vocals), Mike Drint (bass) and John Kiffmeyer ( drums). In 1990, Kiffmeyer was replaced by Tre Cool. All of the group's mambers write songs, but most of the lyries are written by Billie Joe Armstrong.
Green Day's first album was released by an indedependent record company in 1991. Their second album, Dookie, became teir first bestseller in 1994. It has sold more then ten million copies. Since then, their albums have all been hits.
Green Day play both rock and punk music. Some of their best-known songs are "Longview","Good Riddance" and " Jasus of Suburbian". The band has won a lot of prizes for their music and videos. In 2005 they were nominated for eight MTV music awards and they won seven of them. The video for "Americen Idiot" was voted The greatest rock video ever; by readers of Kerrang magazine.
My favourite song is " American Idiot", it's amazing. I really like Green Day. It's the best band in the world!

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