1.I get up at six o'clock
2.You must tidy your room now.
3.She watch TV with her boy
4.You should study biology
5.I will meet your friends tomorrow
6.I have a showe after supper
7.I was played tennis yesterday.
8.I have breakfast in school.
I get up 7 o'clock in the morning.
Mum always tells me tidy your room now.
I like to watch TV every Sunday even 5 hours.
This weekend I have to study biology because I have a test next Friday.
Don't sit at home go out and meet your friends.
In the evning you must have a shower before you go to sleep.
Tom loves to play tennis 2 hours a day.
Sometimes I have a breakfast in McDonald.
Yesterday I got up at 7 o'clock, because I had a bus to school. I took a shower, and quickly ate a breakfast. After school I met my friends and we went to a swimming pool. That was a fantastic time! I was very tired, but I had a lot of work! I did my homewrok and learned for math exam. Today I played tennis and watched TV.

I hope that I helped you.