Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last weekend I went with my parents and my best friend to a ski resort. We stopped at the hotel because the resort was far from our city. First we left our luggage in the room and then we took ski equipment and went to the ski trail near our hotel. We skied for three hours and after that we took a break for a hot meal and drink. We all ordered the local delicacy - vegetables rolled in meat. It was very tasty as well as the hot, creamy chocolate that we ordered to drink. After dinner we came back to the hotel and changed our clothes. It was quite late and it got dark early so we decided to go just for a short walk. We met few fancy dressed people and we took some photos with them. They showed us the way to the place where the festival was held. We watched spectacular light's show and we were all amazed. After the show we came back to the hotel and slept. The next day we skied again, ordered the same delicious dinner and then came back. I really enjoyed my weekend.

14 zdań, jeżeli czegoś nie rozumiesz to pisz :)