Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi. My name is Martin, I am writing to you with no attachment, I do not know what to do, so I decided to write to you. May tell something about yourself. I go to school in England and I have been there for many of his friends. My best friend is Michael, who led me around the school and the city as soon as I arrived there. It's nice of him, especially since I was there for the first time in my life!.
The school is huge and at first glance appears to be horrible and grim. But when I studied there for six years, certainly will not forget those moments which there lived together with my friends. School after a few years seems to be more friendly and colorful, yet know that everyone at the beginning is not accustomed to the new location.
My interest is mainly history, computer games and mainly take pictures. Every day I make a few photos, I add to the internet on my own page, and then play computer games. Often invite their school friends home, we played together in something.
Maybe now the variety I come to you? I was never there, send me your address, I'll pick you!