Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Where is my dog?
2.Why are you happy?
3.Who is it?
4.How i can do this?
5.Why are you stearing at me?
6. What's her name?
7. where are we going to?
8. That is your mum?
9. How much cost flowers?
10. What did you do?
11.what we will eat?
12. What you will drink?
13. How old is your dog?
14.What we going to do tommorow?
15 How long is that river?
16. Are you hungry?
17. What do you want to do?
18. Why did you do this?
19. Have you done it, yet?
20. How much time do you need, to do this?

1.How much cost that beautiful, brown skirt?
2. What did you, do last summer, in Greace?
3. Have you done your homework from eanglish, yet?
4.What do you think about my new T-shirt?
5. How old is that girl, standing next Mark?
6. Mum, do you want to eat something here?
7. Do you like that brown dog?
8. How meny people live in Ibis Hotel?
9. Where is my new, black jeans?
10. Evrybody were on Tom party, at friday?
11.How meny meters tall is Kultur Palace?
12. Is that mission possible?
13. Have you seen that new movie - "cindrella"?
14. Do you want to see my new house?
15. Have you ever been in Greace resteurant?
16. Do you have some plans for evenibg?
17. What do you like more - yougurt or sandwich?
18. Can't you leave your country - Poland?
19. Have you ever seen Wawel?
20. What subject do you like?

Mega męczące i pracochłonne...;)
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