Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One sunny day when I noticed an elderly woman decided to help her. She had a large bag full of fruits and vegetables. She wanted to cross the street, but did not give advice and turned the road to Centered. Quickly ran up to her grabbed her hand and moved across the street. Quickly picked up vegetables and fruits. I helped Grandma get to the door, until at her house. Grandmother, and she thanked me very prize I got from her fifty gold. I will remember the rest of his life. Remember that everyone needs something to help!
Recently I helped my colleague. He was walking near my house yesterday. He walked in circles.I went over and asked what happened.At first he did not want to tell me. After 5 minutes he told me that no money and no how to get back home.I stated to him that they borrow, but said that it will have not nothing to give back. Then I suggested that he slept at me.He was very grateful and he agreed.