Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I was in the cinema yesterday.
2. Tomek was a firefighter few years ago.
3. Was she in school 2 days ago?
4. They were at my house on wednesday.
5. There was a pencil in the drawer.
6. It was really exciting to meet him.
7. Was he good at today's soccer match?
8. Were you at home between 8am and 7pm?
9. I was in the shopping centre, which is why I could'nt go with you.
10. He was 10 years old 5 years ago.
1. I was at school yesterday.
2. You were at school yesterday.
3 He was sick.
4 She was honest.
5. They were in Wrocław.
6 We were out of house.
7. It was too difficult for us.
8. I was very unhappy.
9. You were very unkind.
10. They were on a trip.