MP3 Player Guide:

*To start playing music is when you turn
select playback mode - and then MUSIC PLAYER
press the PLAY button. U5ywajac OPTIONS key as
joystick can move between tracks
(next / previous) or adjust the volume level
(up / down). Pressing STOP button stops
*Keys used to block the HOLD switch.
*To set the repeat mode press
OPTIONS during playback of the song, choose a REPEAT
then confirm by pressing PLAY. After selecting
the proper mode (menu navigation
next / previous) button to confirm it
OPTIONS. Alternatively, you can change modes
Repeat for the help button REITERATES
*The main menu is available after you press
OPTIONS after stopping playback.
*To run the recorder functions must choose options
Voice Recorder in the main menu - Burn
will start automatically.
*Before recording to be linked
player swing the sound source, the
help of a cable included in the kit.
* player has a swing digital
radio, allowing you to receive the most popular
out of the FM band (FM). To run the radio should be
FM radio can also choose from the main menu.

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