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In my freetime i always go to the cinema. I like watching films so much. My favourite is ??Shrek 2??. this film is a fantastic komedy. I saw it in ?multikino? in Poznań last weekend.
The film start like this:??Behind seven mountains, behind seven rivers there lived a big, green ogre??. Ogre whose name is shrek is main charakter. This film tells about shrek, his wife fiona and his friends. When Shrek and Fiona come back from their honeymoon they find an invitation to a royal ball from Fiona?s parents. They travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away.
Parents are very surprised when they saw shrek and angry. The ogre leave the kingdon and resolved to drink magic mixture which matter that he will be beautiful men, but this change is not permanently. Unfortunatley in this time his wife is in trap. Handsome Prince Charming want to married fiona. All in all shrek arrived and save wife from Prince Charming. And they lived happily ever after.
In ??shrek?? i really like excellent animation which made all characters so natural and really well made. Disadvantage in this film is music. In my opinio nit was so laud.
This film is absolutely brilliant and everyone may see it (from 0 to 100). I really recommendation this film because is great fun for everyone Shrek is a very positive and educational film.
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Tak jak prosiliście, zdobyłam się na wysiłek i napisałam sama tę recenzję... Spodziewam się jednak błędów, dlatego proszę o pomoc w poprawieniu. Z góry ślicznie dziękuję.

The film “Nigdy w życiu”, directed by Ryszard Zatorski, is a romantic comedy based on the novel written by a contemporary polish writer Katarzyna Grochola.

Judyta, the main character played by Danuta Stenka, is a journalist from Warsaw in her middle-thirties, left by her husband (Jan Frycz), decides to bring in changes in her life. She manages to build her own house, where she lives with her daughter (Joanna Jabłczyńska). Judyta faces new challenges like finding the man of her life. Will her dreams come true?

Despite of a trivial plot, I must say I was amused by the film. But it is not so much the events but rather the dialogues in the film that makes it worth seeing. The conversations are full of witty language and interesting word plays. Also the actors playing the characters have done an extremely good job. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, the songs used in the film are well known by the audience. The ending was not so surprising although I found it impressive, because it shows that everyone should believe in his dreams.

Above all, I strongly recommend “Nigdy w życiu” to the women, although the men will enjoy this film too. This comedy is not so ordinary as we could think. The best way to check it is to watch it!
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Recently a new film by James Cameroon Avatar: The Return of. This feature film with a great cast. According to many experts, the way production is the most worldwide. What was spent on film has long since returned to. That's because many people rushing to the cinema just to watch it. Spend two hours in the pleasant company of the heavenly creatures. The film is a continuation of the first part, but the differences are visible. Second part of the story is separate. Rather tells Pandora to rebuild and not to its destruction. I think that we spend their pocket money to watch it.
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