Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I am searching for the person, of room-mate home in London. There are as many as four rooms there, one kitchen, and everyone have their separate bathroom. The house has about 60 square metres. The kitchen is equipped with the refrigerator, the cooker, the table and a lot of other things needed for cooking. There are a shower and a sink in bathrooms with the washing machine. A large television and the shelf for clothes connected with the chest of drawers are in every room. They there are also desk with the chair and one big bed. The person should be neat, as well as she should not enter someone's room without the permission.

2. I am seeking an English-language childminder. She should have good preferences. She will be to work from the seventh hour to fifteenth. She will have to look the two-year-old boy after, to clean the entire house, and taże will have to make the food. The remuneration will amount to one hundred zlotys for three days. She cannot shout at the child and she should not also harass the child. Very diękuję for the attention.

3. I am seeking good volunteers to the animal sanctuary. They should it to be persons which have the good contact with the animals and should be nice for them. You will be feeding them, to clear the cage away and to bathe them if necessary, and a person which if anything happens will help the animal will also be useful, when e.g. he cuts himself. The work is in effect for five months. Under telephone number 897674525 or please to write the contact to the email [email protected] I am thanking for attention and prosze interested about as the quickest notification oneself.

4. I found the rucksack of a colour green at a school library yesterday evening. It contains books to biologs, of English and mathematics. Contact under telephone number 603235456.

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