Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I get up at 7 o'clock and eat breakfast. I usually go to school at ten past eight and finish lessons at about three o'clock. Then I come back home and have dinner. I often walk my dog or meet my friends and in the evening I always do my homework and then watching TV. At about ten or sometimes eleven o'clock I go to bed and sometimes read a book or a comic.
I get up at seven o'clock.
I eat breakfast and then I dress up.
I go to school by car.
I have lesson to two o c'lock.
Then I paly with friends, at yard.
At 4 o'clock i do my homework, and then I watch TV.
at ten o'clock i to to bed, alnd sleep.
I get up early because I have to go school. I have breakfast. It is usually scrambled eggs or cornflakes. Later I clean my teeth. About half past seven I go to school by bus. I have a couple lessons every day. After school I eat dinner and if I have homework I do it. Next, I surf the Internet, play computer games and watch TV. I enjoy read criminal books too. In the evening I have a shower and go to bed because I don't want be asleep tommorow.