Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Women worry more about their diet than men.
I agree with this sentence. It's obvious that women worry more about their diet than men.
They want to be slimmer to be adored by more men and to wear smaller sizes of clothes. Also women usually cook meals for their family, so they know more about healthy food and about the influence of the food on our life.
2. Young people today eat less healthily than ten years ago.
That's also true. Now young people don't have time to think about the dinner for example. They go out, and eat fast food, because it's cheap. It's also the modern way of upbringing. Many families don't eat together.
3. Men cook as a hobby, women cook because they have to.
I disagree with this thesis. In the 21st century the old model of family, in which woman has to cook, clean and take care of children is not present.
Many men have to prepare the meals and bring up their children, because the wife is working. And men as well as women can cook as a hobby. It depends on the personality.
4. Vegeterians are healthier than people who eat a lot of meat.
That's true that eating a lot of meat is not healthy, but not necessarily the vegetarians have a better diet. People who doesn't eat meat have to replace it with fruits or products which contain much protein. Not all of them know how to fare and they can have even bigger problems than meat-eaters.
5. You can often eat better in cheap restaurants than in expensive ones.
I don't think so. Of course you can eat far more for the same money in the cheaper restaurant than in the expensive one, but is the food better quality? So better not always means cheaper. I personally prefer to eat in an exclusive restaurant, with beautifully prepared food, polite service, nice atmosphere and the knowledge that the quality is confirmed by many people who visited this place before.
6. Every country thinks that their cooking is the best.
Mostly it's true, because we accustom to the meals which we eat every day. It's also connected with our childhood. But there are some people which are connoisseur of French or Italian cooking. So we can't generalise.